MDMSA (Medical Device Manufacturers of South Africa)  is an association of companies in South Africa that manufacture medical devices. MDMSA brings together manufacturers and others involved in the South African Medical Device sector to discuss issues of industry-wide importance.

The medical devices manufacturing sector is made up of a wide range of basic products including instruments (disposable syringes and scalpel blades); wheelchairs; specialised furniture (hospital beds, dentists’ chairs, operating tables etc.) and surgical implants and stents. At the more sophisticated end of the spectrum lies electronic monitoring and diagnostics equipment, including complex and expensive items such as NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and PET (positron emission tomography) scanners. Medical Devices also include in-vitro laboratory diagnostics used to detect infection (seroconversion) and monitor progress in the treatment of patients suffering from infectious and non-communicable diseases.

There are a number of striking pockets of local innovation capability within the sector that have been shown to exist. For example, South Africa has also become the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of isotopes for medical diagnostics. The local industry is well established with a number of companies complying with international standards such as CE Mark, FDA Mark and ISO13485.

Reasons to invest and collaborate with the South African industry:

  • Public-private partnership growth
  • Emergence of affluent, middle class
  • National public and private healthcare system linked to local supply base
  • Strong, sizeable private sector
  • Wealthiest African economy whose healthcare system is envied by other African nations
  • Emergent introduction of SAHPRA Preferential Public Procurement